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I had knee surgery a couple weeks ago to fix an old injury.  Consequently I’m going stir crazy.  So I decided to sort through my gear room.  I found a few things I don’t really need.  Well, more than a few.  Anyway, here’s some items I’m ready to part with listed on WhiteBlaze.netIMG_0094


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I’ll be giving a free presentation on lightweight backpacking for OLLI in the Campbell Center on the SOU Campus, 655 Frances Lane, Ashland, Oregon on Wednesday Sept 30 from 1-3 PM.


Although boomer backpackers are my people, the concepts of lightweight backpacking can be applied to many things from motorcycle touring to dayhiking.  All ages and experience levels are welcome from day hikers to hardcore backpackers, bicyclists, RVers, etc.  I’ll do a short PowerPoint slide show and bring some gear for you to check out.  Hope to see you there.

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I have yet to find rain gear that really keeps me dry while hiking.  When I get aerobic, I sweat and no matter how breathable my jacket is, I get wet from condensation on the inside.  So when hiking, I often wear my Possumdown Sweater over my BPL Thorofare UL Shirt and just let them get wet.

When it’s really cold, I’m at camp or on easy terrain I wear my Patagonia Spector (9 oz) rain jacket, a discontinued breathable model.  I’ve tried a few lighter, breathable alternatives, but they’ve all leaked from the outside as well as condensing on the inside.  The Spector is the lightest jacket I’ve found that actually keeps the rain out.  You can find them on eBay for around $50 once in a while.

But I decided, since the breath-ability factor rarely works for me, to try a non-breathable cheaper, lighter alternative.  Enter the AntiGravityGear Ultralight Rain Jacket (4.6 oz).


It works very well in non-aerobic situations.  I used it around camp and found it to be comfortable and roomy.  Being essentially a vapor barrier, it provides quite a bit of warmth too.  It comes with a hood, full zipper and no pockets.  Made of sil-nylon, like a tarp, cost is only about $60.


I’ll be carrying this jacket until the next generation of breathable fabrics comes along to tempt me.

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