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This photo was taken on a nice sunny day.

The bike ride up the Skalkaho was fun today.  A favorite of mine, it’s 10 miles to the top from my starting point and gains about 1300 ft.  Not too hard, but enough of a workout for me.  It was kinda windy going up and mixed sun and shade.  a few sprinkles.  Thought I’d go to the top and then drop back down to a little lake for lunch.  It took me the usual 90 minutes to reach the pass.  The surface was good, but a little muddy in spots.

At the top. June 3, 2012.  No camera on today's ride.  Good thing too.

At the top. June 3, 2012. No camera on today’s ride. Good thing too.

Right when I got to the pass, out of nowhere, a snow storm blew into my face from the other side.  I mean, I got off my bike and it started snowing.  And blowing hard enough it was difficult to look in the direction of the wind.  I knew this wasn’t good.

Thinking to drop down and revisit the good weather below, I quickly changed into my warm gear, gulped some water and descended.  The snow lasted for about 15 minutes and then turned to rain.  You know, Rain.  Like real Rain.  Like during a thunderstorm down pour.  I got soaked and continued to descend more slowly than usual, since the wind chill was, well chilling me.   I passed the lake by, thinking only of getting down.  I later found a place out of the wind to stop long enough to open some hand warmers in the rain and slip them in my gloves.  Then back to it.  The rain made the surface more muddy which was ok, since it slowed me down.
Approaching the summit on a nice sunny day last summer.

Approaching the summit on a nice sunny day last summer.

The sun came out after what seemed a long time.  But it must have been only 30 or 40 minutes since the storm started.  I stopped and worshiped my favorite star for a while.  After that, I stopped now and then to warm up.   By the time I was down to the car I was mostly dry, but still pretty cold hands and feet wise.  Quite the ride.  Only thing I could have really done different is to have worn my Pearl Izumi long biking pants instead of my stretchy climbing pants and brought along some waterproof glove covers.  It was just that the timing couldn’t have been worse.  I was at my sweatiest when it hit.  But it made for an epic ride and I’m appreciating the warmth of our cabin tonight all the more for it.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  On the drive home I saw a large mountain lion cross the road.  Must have been at least 200 lbs.  whoa


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It’s been a while, but I’m back on the Creek.ImageWater’s high, but dropping.  Fishing’s slow, but improving.

Meanwhile the biking is awesome.  ImageThis is Skalkaho Pass.  Nice ride along the West Fork of Rock Crk.  No cars, mostly paved.  Nice.ImageNear the top.

The wildlife continues to liven up my days.ImageMoose on Upper Rock Crk.

ImageBig Horn Sheep on the move.

Not too bad waiting around for the Salmon Flies.Image

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Looks like my first run off experience is a dozy.  We may break records.  In any case it’s higher than it’s been in a LONG time.

The road below our place is closed. 

Not exactly fishable.  Although I have to admit, I did think of throwing a streamer in the slack water in the above photo.  But that was before I took a look in the crawl space under my house.  Hmmm, not good.

This required a hour long trip to town to get one of the last sump pumps in captivity in SW Montana.  I left at 6 am knowing there would be high demand today.  I got to the hardware store when it opened and while I was there 3 other sump pumps left the building.

The day before all this rain started, I rode my bike up Skalkaho Pass along the West Fork of Rock Creek.  Sunny & Warm.  Creek was cranking even then. 

Upon returning to the car, we were startled by a roadside rock fall.  Looking up about 30 ft we saw a couple of Big Horn Sheep discussing who was really in charge of that cliff.  I’m not sure what they decided, but it was fun to watch.

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Rear View

Front View

Occasionally, when spring has broken through the rain, I have run outside to take full advantage.  Love those wide open spaces.

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