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I packed up the camper on the old blue and white Ford, loaded the trailer and hit the road for Montana last Thursday.

We made it with ease.
We’ve been unpacking and piling empty boxes high ever since.  Had one phone call on the land line since we landed here 5 days ago.  Cells don’t work in the canyon.  Yesterday we finally decided to make the big trek to the dump.  ???????????????????????????????We loaded the truck down with old mattress, recycling, trash, boxes etc.  Town is about 25 miles;  half of which is on a gravel road and half on pavement over a low pass.  Takes about 45 minutes.  Philipsburg.  800 souls.  County seat.
And…   that’s right, it turned out the dump is closed on Mondays.  I’m sure the neighbors were amused.  only a handful of farmers and cabins between here and town.  But hard to miss the truck full of trash going to town, coming back and going to town again the next day.
Even the moose looked up from their munching to check out the old blue truck. The drive was nice and we stopped to look back at the wildlife along the way.???????????????????????????????
Well, I need to rest up for the trip into town again today.

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