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I’ve been busy the past year. 

For starters I’ve been building a fly fishing retreat in Montana.  After visiting for the last few summers, it’s time to get a more permanent place to roost during my summers in big sky country.  And as a result, my log cabin in Oregon will be used as a vacation rental while I’m in Montana.  So this post is partly a shameless plug for Mossy Rock Lodge just outside of Ashland, Oregon.

As I’m recreating my life, I’ll be recreating my Blog as well.  Lightweight backpacking will still be part of it.  Montana has lots of wild country to explore. 

But fly fishing will become a focus as well. 

And maybe a little bicycling too.  Not too many cars; awesome views.

And I might throw in some kayaking. 

I’m not sure how all this will evolve, but I like it that way.  Hope you will enjoy my adventures as they unfold.

Thanks for your patience during this transition.  More later. 


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