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I haven’t posted for awhile so dredging through the archives I found this photo.

This was spring 2002.  I didn’t weigh the pack.  That was my first mistake.  It was probably was 55-60 lbs.  That was for 2 nights.  I am a compulsive weigher now.  What else is wrong with this picture?  Loose items hanging off the pack and heavy weight cotton canvas pants that would take forever to dry.  Note: neither human nor dog is smiling.

Here’s Jayna at camp resting in an early version of the Clark North American Hammock.

I now use a Warbonnet Blackbird.  It’s less than half the weight.  In the interim I used the Clark Ultra Light with my own tarp.  Step by step I lightened my load.

But, we got out there and enjoyed the wilderness.

After you’ve carried 50+ lbs. up a couple of hills, you start re-thinking what you really need to bring.  And you start looking for lighter options.

For me it became a passion.  Sitting around camp, I’d make lists of changes adding up the ounces lost.  Now my pack weight for a week in the woods is more like 35 lbs including a liter of water and all my food.  But, I bring fly fishing gear and a camera and binoculars too.

I encourage everyone to get started.  Take a trip into the wilds.  After carrying your old gear start thinking about where you can save on weight.  The big three are: your tent, your pack and your sleeping bag.  Buy a new sleeping bag first and just keep chipping away at it.  The new high-tech gear is great!

These photos are all from Grey Rock Lakes in the Castle Crags Wilderness of Northern California.  In the picture below you can see Mount Eddy in the distance.


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