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The redwoods have enchanted me for decades.  This New Years Day hike was no exception. 

No new gear on this one, just old trees and one repaired knee (my knee surgery was a resounding success!).

When it’s cold here in Southern Oregon, I like to go west to the Crescent City area of Northern California.  The temps were pushing 60 and there was rain, wind, sun and fog over the 5 day stint.  We hiked in the fog and biked in the sun.  

We found a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle at a thrift store for a $1 and assembled it on the 50 mph windy, rainy day.

The biking North of town is outstanding for boomers, if you like easy scenic mountain biking.  This road ride goes right along the coast for about 10 miles.  There’s very little traffic and the few cars you see are going 25 mph. 

It ends at a secluded beach looking out to the historic lighthouse at Point St. George.

We also biked an old gravel road in another area just North of Crescent City:  Lake Earl.  It’s a 5500-acre coastal lagoon bracketed by 5000 rolling acres of state park land and another 5000 acres of a Department of Fish and Game preserve.  This area is closed to vehicles and open to many birds.  In the past we’ve also flat water kayaked and fished here.  As you can see in the aerial photo, it’s adjacent to the sea.  There is also a stretch of wild beach that runs for many miles.

A fine way to start the year.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Get out there and experience our beautiful world!


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