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It’s the tag end of the season and I’m savoring the last few trips into the high country.  We parked the Jeep and hiked about 4 miles up a bumpy road from 5700 ft to 7500 ft.  It was a climb but at the top we had a lovely sky blue lake to ourselves.IMG_6626

It was cloudy and cold at the lake, but I managed to catch and release a couple trout before heading back down.  IMG_6620

Skies cleared on our descent and my favorite star poured that wonderful autumn light into the valley below.



How was your Saturday?


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I had knee surgery a couple weeks ago to fix an old injury.  Consequently I’m going stir crazy.  So I decided to sort through my gear room.  I found a few things I don’t really need.  Well, more than a few.  Anyway, here’s some items I’m ready to part with listed on WhiteBlaze.netIMG_0094

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